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Shandong Abologen Biotechnology Ltd.


Precision Tests, Trusted Results: Safeguarding Excellence in Food Safety and GMO Transparency

About Abologen

Originated from Canadian Artron Laboratories Inc., Abologen focuses on food safety and GMO testing.

Shandong Abologen Biotechnology Ltd. originated from Artron Laboratories Inc. in Canada. We focus on food safety and genetically modified product testing. The company aims to help ensure public health and food compliance by providing high-quality rapid tests and thorough technical support. The company owns an industry-leading biotechnology R&D base and a world-class R&D team and is committed to technological innovation and the progress of the industry.

We provide high-quality products and leading technical support to customers across the globe with a standardized quality management system. We uphold the values of technological innovation and social responsibility and strive to contribute to public health and sustainability.

Corporate Culture

Shandong Abologen Biotechnology Ltd. is a biotechnology company with independent R&D  capabilities, focusing on genetically modified testing products, integrating R&D, production, and sales. We have a sense of national and social responsibility and take it as our mission to promote agricultural technological innovation and strengthen agriculture and the country. With innovation, professionalism, and customer-oriented value,  we are committed to providing high-quality food safety and GMO testing solutions. We continuously improve products and services to meet customer demands. We firmly believe that the practice of corporate culture will win the trust of our customers and contribute to the development of the country and industry.

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