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30th China Beijing Seed Expo

From September 11th to September 14th, the 30th China Beijing Seed Expo was held in Tongzhou District, Beijing, under the theme 'One Seed, Shaping the Future – Exploring Seed Industry Revival, Guided by Beijing.' The conference adopted an innovative '1+1+6+3+X' event model, comprising a grand opening ceremony, an engaging main forum, six specialized forums, three exhibitions, and numerous exciting thematic activities. The conference covered various areas of interest, including crops, poultry and livestock, aquaculture, forestry, and agricultural microbiology, establishing an internationally leading platform for seed industry exchange.

Government officials, distinguished academicians, and outstanding entrepreneurs participated, engaging in in-depth discussions on key topics such as trade, international cooperation, seed industry innovation, and sustainable development. Multiple sub-forums focused on vegetables, corn, livestock and poultry, aquaculture, forestry, and agricultural microbiology, featuring reports led by distinguished academicians and international guest exchanges, promoting the release of research results and the signing of cooperative projects.

Simultaneously, the conference hosted three noteworthy exhibitions, showcasing significant achievements in seed industry revitalization, commercial products, and numerous superior varieties. This grand event brings new momentum to the industry's high-quality development, paving the way for a broader future in the seed industry.


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