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2023 National Plant Biology Conference: Revitalizing Plant Science in Agriculture

From August 2nd to 6th, the "2023 National Plant Biology Conference," jointly organized by the Chinese Society for Cell Biology, the Chinese Society for Crop Science, the Chinese Society for Plant Biology, the Chinese Society for Plant Physiology and Molecular Biology, and the Chinese Society of Genetics, took place in Lanzhou, Gansu. The conference aimed to showcase the latest achievements in plant biology research in China, promote the development of plant science, address challenges in the agricultural industry, and foster research collaboration.

With the theme "Revitalizing Agriculture through Plant Science," the conference attracted over 2,300 representatives, including scholars from domestic and international universities, research institutions, and over 208 business units, 70 companies, and 140 volunteers.

The conference featured various sessions, including a forum on journal development, conference reports, special presentations, and a forum for young scholars. It covered 15 topics, spanning areas such as plant cell biology, plant developmental biology, genome editing, and molecular breeding. To emphasize the theme, a "High-End Forum for Agriculture" was also organized.

There were a total of 116 academic presentations conducted by academicians and expert scholars. The Lanzhou Gansu International Convention and Exhibition Center served as the focal point for academic exchange, attracting over 2,400 representatives from 208 business units nationwide.

This conference served not only as a window to showcase achievements in botanical research but also propelled interdisciplinary integration, contributing to the high-quality development of botanical science in China. The academic outcomes will support China's entry into a new phase of development in plant biology, aligning with the national strategy for the revitalization of the agricultural industry.


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