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Shandong Abologen Biotechnology Ltd. is pleased to announce that we have successfully become the authorized distributor of plant diagnostic products from SEDIAG SAS in France

This strategic collaboration marks another significant milestone in our journey within the field of plant diagnostics and underscores our relentless efforts and professional strength in expanding into international markets.

As a global leader in providing plant diagnostic solutions, SEDIAG SAS is renowned for its exceptional technical prowess and extensive industry experience. Their products, including a range of diagnostic kits and custom antibodies, are widely utilized in areas such as plant pathogen diagnostics, grape disease analysis, mycotoxin detection in cereals, among others. These products are not only highly accurate and reliable but also enjoy a stellar reputation worldwide.

Through our partnership with SEDIAG SAS, we aim to offer Chinese customers more high-quality, innovative plant diagnostic products to meet their growing needs. We are committed to providing excellent products and services to our customers and will spare no effort in promoting and endorsing SEDIAG SAS's products, thereby bringing more value and contribution to the agricultural and plant diagnostic industry in China.

We look forward to collaborating with SEDIAG SAS to explore the Chinese market together and provide customers with the finest quality plant diagnostic solutions.


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