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2023 Urumqi Crop Genomics and Genetic Improvement Frontier Forum, Xinjiang

From September 19th to September 20th, the Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences hosted the highly anticipated Crop Genomics and Genetic Improvement Frontier Forum in Urumqi. The forum brought together over 200 professionals, including experts from 17 top domestic universities, research institutions, renowned international journal editors, and representatives from well-known domestic biotechnology companies.

The forum aims to propel innovation in the forefront of agricultural research, accelerate the development of biotechnology in breeding, address food security challenges, and contribute more significantly to the national strategy of seed industry revitalization. This forum provided participants with an opportunity for in-depth exchange, fostering the sharing of the latest research results in the field of crop genomics and genetic improvement.

Experts were divided into three sub-forums, where 29 scholars presented crucial academic reports on functional genomics, crop biotechnology, crop molecular marker-assisted selection breeding, and gene editing breeding. These reports are expected to offer new perspectives and methods to address technical challenges in biobreeding and provide new strategies for the breeding of breakthrough crop varieties.

This forum provided participants with the latest developments in international crop genomics and genomic breeding, sparking new ideas, promoting academic exchange and collaboration, and will undoubtedly drive innovative development in the foundational research of agriculture in China.


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