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Annual Meeting of the Cotton Branch of the Chinese Society of Agronomy

From August 18th to 19th, the annual conference of the Cotton Branch of the Chinese Society of Agronomy took place in Changsha, Hunan. Over 400 representatives from research institutes, universities, and enterprises across the country gathered to collectively discuss new challenges, opportunities, technologies, and development strategies in the cotton industry.

China, being the world's largest producer and consumer of cotton, places great importance on the development of the cotton industry for national economic growth. Hunan province plays a crucial role in China's cotton industry, consistently ranking fifth in national cotton production over the past decade, making significant contributions to the country's economy. Additionally, Hunan has achieved outstanding success in cotton research, successfully cultivating several leading improved varieties, including Dongting No.1, Daihongdai, and Xiangmian 10. In recent years, Hunan province has actively responded to national cotton policies, vigorously promoting the recovery and development of the cotton industry, resulting in significant achievements.

This annual conference provides valuable insights and direction for the cotton industry and serves as a beneficial platform for exchange among cotton technology professionals. It is believed that through this conference, China's cotton industry will continue to progress towards a more prosperous future.


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