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The 2023 China Seed Expo and Nanfan Silicon Valley Forum was successfully held in Sanya

The 2023 China Seed Expo and Nanfan Silicon Valley Forum was grandly inaugurated in Sanya, and took place from April 1, 2023, to April 5, 2023. This forum attracted seed industry leaders, agricultural experts, and representatives from research institutions across the country. In addition to discussing the future trends in the seed industry, the conference also led to significant advancements in the field of high-quality vegetable nutrition breeding.

In the realm of high-quality vegetable nutrition breeding, important news emerged from this conference. Relevant research units successfully identified and cloned key genes related to bitterness in cucumbers, flavor in tomatoes, self-pollination affinity in potatoes, heading in cabbage, and sugar transportation in watermelons. This innovative achievement has resulted in an exciting array of parent varieties, including cabbage resistant to Fusarium wilt, tomatoes resistant to viral diseases, potatoes resistant to potato virus Y, and eggplants tolerant to low temperature and weak light, among others.

These new varieties not only exhibit resistance to pests and herbicides but are also rich in beneficial nutrients such as anthocyanins, providing strong support for the sustainable development of China's vegetable industry and the improvement of people's dietary quality. This breakthrough will further propel China's vegetable industry towards a more prosperous and innovative future.

The China Seed Expo and Nanfan Silicon Valley Forum will continue to gather professionals from various fields to collectively explore the latest technologies and strategic developments in the agricultural sector, laying a solid foundation for the future of China's agricultural industry.

About the China Seed Expo and Nanfan Silicon Valley Forum:

The China Seed Expo and Nanfan Silicon Valley Forum is the premier event in the Chinese seed industry, aiming to promote innovation and development in the seed industry and provide a collaborative platform for the government, enterprises, and research institutions. The forum focuses on climate change, agricultural sustainability, and technological innovation, contributing to the advancement of agriculture in China.


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