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The 7th National Plant Biology Symposium Held Successfully

In April 2023, the Chinese plant science community gathered in Chongqing to participate in the 7th National Symposium on Plant Biology and Plant Stress Biology. This grand event took place in the city from April 14th to 16th.

The remarkable academic event was jointly planned by the Institute of Agricultural Technology Research of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) and the Beijing Future Plant Exploration Center. It was supported by the Academic Exchange Network of Chinese Agricultural Development and Technology. The Center for Innovation in Plant Science of CAAS and the Grand Lecture Hall of Agricultural Science and Plant Technology were responsible for the meticulous organization of the event.

The agenda of the symposium focused on the forefront of plant stress physiology research and high-quality development, covering several important topics, including "Crops, Plant Growth and Development, and Plant Hormone Regulation," "Research on Molecular Mechanisms Related to Stress Response," "Innovations in Stress-Tolerant Germplasm Resources, Utilization, and Quality Regulation," and "New Technologies, Methods, and Advances in Molecular Breeding."

This symposium attracted over 30 professors from various universities and research institutes across the country, who delivered excellent and in-depth academic presentations during the event. They shared the latest research findings and cutting-edge advancements in the field of plant science.

This symposium highlighted the latest achievements and advancements in plant stress physiology research in China, injecting new vitality into the academic progress of the field of plant science.

About the National Symposium on Plant Biology and Plant Stress Biology The National Symposium on Plant Biology and Plant Stress Biology is an important academic event in the field of plant science in China, aimed at promoting research and development in the areas of plant biology and stress biology. Each symposium attracts enthusiastic participation from numerous experts and scholars from both China and abroad, providing valuable opportunities for academic exchange and research collaboration.


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